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Revolutionising Hydraulic Tuning.
Safe. Efficient. Precise.

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Why Hydratune®?

Traditional hydraulic system tuning requires technicians to use hand tools on live equipment, surrounded by heat and high pressure oil. Exposing them to extreme risk of injury.


Tune remote. Tune safe.

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Remove technicians from the line of fire, remotely tune your systems via tablet interface.

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Allows more efficient maintenance by tuning multiple circuits simultaneously.

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Less machine downtime and increased machine output through optimal maintenance.

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Data trends aid preventative maintenance planning and maximise product life.

Safe-Adjust remote hydraulic tuning

How it works

Suits any application

The HydraTune actuator uses interchangeable reaction arms, adapting it to thousands of unique tuning environments

Work with Standard Tooling

3/8 inch drive output works with a huge range of existing tooling

Power to Tune

Replaceable battery pack ensures HydraTune is ready to work when you are with selectable output power up to 60nm tuning torque 

Optimum functional safety

Built in optical position sensor gives technicians confidence their tuning inputs are being safely executed at the valve

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Tablet interface

Easy to use tablet interface designed to surface all the information a qualified technician needs to diagnose and tune hydraulics systems.

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Over the air updates

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Pre-installed on a rugged tablet


Take the next step towards safer and more efficient hydraulic maintenance with Hydratune

Book a demonstration today!

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Est. 2018

KIT was founded in 2018 by our CEO Shane Lewis to create tooling solutions that would remove equipment technicians from high-risk locations whilst performing critical repairs on live equipment.

Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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